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  • 95% of individuals incarcerated will return home
  • 1 in 3 Americans have a criminal record
  • 2.7 million Children have at least one parent incarcerated
  • At least 80% of those incarcerated have an issue with substance abuse
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Our Reentry Stories

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“We must act urgently and boldly to confront our past and repair systemic injustices in support of those most impacted and for the benefit of all society.”

Read the Collaborative’s statement on racial injustice.

Upcoming Events

Housing Reentry Advocacy Forum

FEBRUARY 25TH @ 6-7PM — We hope you will join the Connecticut Reentry Policy Working Group for our upcoming housing forum! We are honored to host Sarah Fox (CCEH), Rashida Rattray (CT Fair Housing Center), Eulalia Garcia (CT DOC), Leasley Negron (Elm City Communities), and Brian Sullivan in a panel discussion and then look forward to joining together in a collective call to action on housing legislation. RSVP at bit.ly/reentryforumRSVP

Building Bridges 2021

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD & 24TH @  8:30AM-4PM — Building Bridges is back as Connecticut at the Crossroads! We will be hearing from justice-impacted men and women, advocates, and policymakers about issues related to incarceration and reentry in Connecticut today. We hope you will join us! RSVP here: http://bit.ly/buildingbridges2021.

Recent Events

Building Bridges 2021 – February 24, 2021Day 2Day 2: Spoken Word: EZ Wayne: https://vimeo.com/518480004

Day 2: An International & Human Rights Perspective (still needs transcoding in description): https://vimeo.com/517871706

Day 2: CT Prison Closures: What’s Next?: https://vimeo.com/517877231

Day 2: Video: Inside the Circle: https://vimeo.com/517892744

Day 2: The Power of Higher Education: https://vimeo.com/518002365

Day 2: Justice Reinvestment: https://vimeo.com/522229966

Day 2: Out of state Justice Reformers: https://vimeo.com/522213905

Day 2: Quick Fire Advocacy Updates: https://vimeo.com/522210485

Day 2: Conference Wrap Up/Closing Remarks/Next Steps: https://vimeo.com/522206074
Building Bridges 2021 – February 23, 2021Day 1Day 1: Welcome and Introduction (What’s Your Way & CT at a Crossroads): https://vimeo.com/516913590

Day 1: Meet the Great 8: https://vimeo.com/517208780

Day 1: The Cost of Incarceration: https://vimeo.com/517280735

Day 1: Mental Health: https://vimeo.com/517325823

Day 1: Employment: https://vimeo.com/518209116

Day 1: Closing Remarks: https://vimeo.com/518277455
May 28, 2020
Gerrymandering Project Website
Ending Gerrymandering: Legislator Guide
Voting Rights – English
Voter Rights – Spanish
Online Voter Registration System
Denise Merrill Responds to COVID-19
Formerly Incarcerated Voting Rights PSA
Make it Happen May Investing in Communities to Support Successful Reentry: CIVIC ENGAGEMENT
May 20, 2020Agenda
Bank on Community Outreach
Learn Financial Health and Saving
Make it Happen May Web Series 3
May 13, 2020Agenda
Housing Assistance Program
How COVID-19 is shrinking Connecticut’s prison population
Web Series 2
May 6, 2020Agenda
Mike Lawlor Op-Ed
Web Series 1
Reentry Reform Series Part 4 (April 29, 2020)Reentry Reform Series Pt 4 Agenda
Norwegian Prison System
“How Norway Turns Criminals Into Good Neighbors”
Inside the World’s Most Humane Prison
Web Series Part 4
Reentry Reform Series Part 3 (April 22, 2020)Agenda
Racial Disparities in Incarceration and Coronavirus
CT Mirror – Concern grows that COVID-19 disproportionately impacts minorities
Yale Medical Faculty Letter on COVID in Prisons Jails
Web Series 3
Reentry Reform Series Part 2 (April 15, 2020)Agenda
COVID-19 Responses Nationwide re Sentenced Prisoners
CT Post Reentry Article
First Inmate Dies From Coronavirus Complication
Web Series 2
Reentry Reform Series Part 1 (April 8, 2020) Agenda
Mike Lawlor Op-Ed
Lisa Puglisi Op-Ed
COVID Fact Sheet
Web Series 1

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