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Description: Offers information to ex-offenders to help them file for a full pardon or a certificate of employability (provisional pardon). An initial information session provides attendees with: an overview of the Connecticut Full Pardon or a Certificate of Employability (Provisional Pardon); information on how to research state statutes regarding a Connecticut Full or Provisional Pardon; State of CT information regarding Erasure of a Criminal Conviction; sample pardon request package with appropriate forms; Criminal Expungement information sheet; information regarding restoration of voting rights; listing of statutes and laws governing Records Relief by Expungement for all state and federal zones; and information on transitional jobs for ex-offenders. The Pardon Team offers further assistance for an hourly fee or for a package price.

Place: 307 Main Street, Norwich, CT 06360

Contact: 860-823-1571



Description: State agency may grant paroles, pardons and commutation of sentences to eligible convicted offenders. The Board meets 12 times each year to consider non-inmate pardon applications. Commutation sessions are heard once in

the Spring and once in the Fall meetings current offenders/inmate applications are considered by the Board. The Pardons process is divided into two categories based on applicant status. Categories include: current offenders (inmates, probationers and parolees) and Ex-Offender/Non-Inmate (persons who have already completed their sentence and/or period of supervision).

For a complete listing of instructions, visit the Board of Pardons and Paroles website

 Place: 55 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

Contact: 203-805-6643 Pardons unit