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Broadband Search

Broadband Search has an in-depth page dedicated to the best internet providers in the Willimantic area that would be extremely useful to anyone visiting your site, particularly local residents who are needing reliable internet for working / learning from home during the pandemic. We’ve put thousands of hours into our extensive research and our rankings are completely unbiased. We rank internet providers by the amount of coverage they provide in the area, and feel that this would be a valuable resource for the community.

(CLICC) Connecting through Literacy: Incarcerated parents, their Children and Caregivers

The CLICC book club is a (pre- and post-release) literacy and mentoring program that increases communication and strengthen bonds between parents in prison and their children. We work simultaneously with children in the community to help them read, do fun literacy activities, and write letters to mom or dad.

P.O. Box 112714, Stamford, CT 06911
(203) 918-0375 / clicc.program@gmail.com / (Statewide Services)

Community Partners in Action

CPA’s 12 Prevention and Intervention Programs:

Reentry and Employment: These programs provide comprehensive pre/post release case management services, basic need support, employment assistance & training. Four programs in Hartford: Resettlement, STARR Training to Work, and Work Release, plus NEW! Culinary Training Collaborative.

Community Service: Through Hartford Community Court, this innovative program holds people accountable for their quality of life violations through meaningful projects that have a positive community impact. In Hartford.

“Alternative in the Community” Programs: A program that focuses on helping people work toward behavioral change while meeting basic human needs, and providing employment, cognitive restructuring and relapse prevention services, that encourage personal growth and development. Three programs in

Hartford, Manchester and Waterbury.

Transitional Housing Programs: Temporary housing for men for up to 90 days while they actively participate in the AIC program. Two programs in Hartford and Waterbury.

NEW! RisE Juvenile Substance Abuse Treatment Program: Provides treatment for boys in a safe and empowering environment that encourages healing. Standing for “Recovery is Empowering”, the RisE program model involves the families and provides a continuum of care after the boys return to their communities. Opens Spring 2017 in Hamden.

The Prison Arts Program: This program fosters a positive and constructive environment in Connecticut’s prisons through arts workshops, projects, exhibitions, publications and advocacy for the arts and artists.

Based in Hartford, CT and working in CT State Prisons.

110 Bartholomew Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 794-4353 (Statewide Services)

Debt and Incarceration: A Community Guide

Debt and Incarceration: A Community Guide’ includes advice for people moving through the criminal justice system to help them avoid debt and other financial problems. It has a checklist for steps that people can take before going into prison, while incarcerated, and after release, to keep their finances in order. The guide also includes information about advocacy needed to change the system so that people don’t end up in financial difficulties due to criminal justice involvement. To print, please print double sided, and then fold in half into an 8-page booklet – follow instructions here. For any questions, or for hard copies, contact Annie Harper at annie.harper@yale.edu, 203 668 1213.

Department of Economic and Community Development

The Small Business Express Program (EXP) provides loans and grants to Connecticut’s small business to spur job creation and growth.

505 Hudson Street, Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 270-8052 (Statewide Services)

EMGC Training, Inc.

Asbestos and Lead Abatement/ EPA LRRP/ 40 Hour HAZWOPER/ OSHA 10 and OSHA 30/ Energy classes/Confined Space -ETC

412 Roosevelt Drive, Derby, CT 06418

(203) 924-9544 (Statewide Services)

Hartford Parole & Community Services

PCS provides supervision and enforces conditions of release for offenders released to the community under the jurisdiction of both the Commissioner of Correction and the Board of Pardons and Paroles. Release statuses include: parole, special parole, transfer parole, Interstate compact, medical parole, compassionate parole, transitional supervision, transitional placement, community release, re-entry furlough, home confinement, and nursing home release. Parole officers in each of these districts and units work to enhance public safety by providing offenders opportunities to successfully re-integrate into the community and be productive, accountable members of society. PCS employs the following well established guiding principles to continually strive to meet its Mission/Vision. Focus on successful strategies to reduce recidivism and support the reintegration of offenders into the community by providing programs and structured activities with clearly defined behavioral expectations. Strive to employ evidence-based practices, emergent technology, and innovation to ensure effective supervision, service delivery, and accountability. Provide a range of treatment services through contracted and non-contracted providers and in collaboration with other state, municipal, and private agencies.

300 Sheldon Street, Hartford CT 06106
(860) 297-4400 (Hartford County & Statewide Services)

Institute of Environmental Management and Technology, Inc.

Occupational School approved by Office of Higher Education in CT- Energy classes, Asbestos and Lead Abatement/ EPA LRRP/ OSHA 10 and 30, etc.

412 Roosevelt Drive, Derby, CT 06418
(203) 924-9544 (Statewide Services)

Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling

100 Great Meadow Road, Suite 704, Wethersfield, CT

(959) 230-4034

For the Helpline, call 1-888-789-7777 or Text “CTGAMB” to 53342.  Confidential support available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.