Supportive Housing


Description: The Katie Blair House offers a supportive home environment for homeless women with no children. On-site staff provides assistance with personal goal development and linkage to community services while residents prepare for independent living. A structured program addresses physical and emotional health, relationship skills, mutual support, budgeting, time management, cooking and shopping skills, education and employment. Residents share meal preparation and housekeeping responsibilities. Length of stay varies usually from six months to two years. ELIGIBILITY: Ages 21+; Single women; Homeless; capable of achieving independent living within two years FEE: Monthly rent based on income APPLICATION: Agency referrals preferred; initial interview required; application available on the website

Time: M-F: 9am-5pm

Place: Katie Blair House 117 Cliff Street, Norwich, CT 06360

Contact: (860) 886-5982/ web:



Description: The Flora O’Neil Supportive Apartments offer permanent housing for homeless women or women leaving transitional living arrangements. Supportive services are offered on site. Two of the apartments can accommodate a woman with one child. ELIGIBILITY: Ages 21+; Single woman; homeless or in transition; stable income FEE: Monthly rent based on income APPLICATION: Application available on the website

Time: M-F: 9am-5pm

Place: 103 Cliff Street, Norwich, CT 06360

Contact: (860) 886-5982/ web: www.bethsaidact.ord SITE HOURS: M-F: 9am-5pm



Description: Residential program for adults of low income who have experiences mental illness or who are recovering from drug or alcohol abuse or who are homeless. Each resident has an individual room and shares all other accommodations. Successful applicants must have six months clean and sober time in a non-confined setting. Residents must also be able to take care of their own personal (self-care) needs and engage in personal relationships with other adults. Residents must participate in a recovery plan to increase their independence and financial security. Additional services include medication monitoring, adult education, career services, referrals for physical and behavioral health needs and care management. The program is staffed 24 hours, 7 days. Length of stay is flexible. ELIGIBILITY: Single adults ages 18+; low income FEE: Program fee includes room and board APPLICATION: Self-referral or provider referral; interviews are scheduled only when there is a vacancy or anticipated vacancy

Time: M-F: 9am-5pm

Place: 401 West Thames Street, Building 700, Norwich, CT 06360

Contact: (860) 889-6150/ web:



Description: Self-supported, structured group residences for individuals recovering from alcohol or substance addition ELIGIBILITY: Age 18+; completed a 10-day detox or 14-28-day rehab program; must maintain sobriety FEE: Set rent; residents purchase their own food APPLICATION: For vacancy information, call the toll-free number to hear recording; leave name and phone number for a call back. Callers may give an assumed name if they do not want to give their real name, but must leave information that will make it possible for the local Oxford House director to contact them. NOTE: Calls made from blocked lines do no hear the recording; instead the caller must leave their name/number for a call back.

Place: 15 Steward Street, New London, CT 06320-4924

Contact: (860) 437-1323 Email: web:



Description: Pilots is a supportive housing program offering intensive case management and affordable housing opportunities to homeless individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues. The program encourages the use of community-based services to ensure successful independent living. ELIGIBILITY: Ages 18+; Psychiatric and/substance abuse diagnosis; homeless; income at or below 50% of area median income FEE: Monthly rent PAYMENT: Subsidies available for rent OTHER INFORMATION: All program participants sign lease agreements with private landlords. Shelter Plus care certificates subsidize some of the units. Participants in the Shelter Plus Care program pay 30% of their household income to rent.

Place: 21 Montauk Ave, New London, CT 06320

Contact: (860) 439-6458 Case Management/ (860) 439-6401 Supportive Housing Web:



Description: Subsidized rent apartments for people who are homeless AND who have a history of psychiatric disability, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, or who are homeless and are HIV positive. ELIGIBILITY: Ages 18+, must be homeless AND have a history of psychiatric disability, substance abuse, or dual diagnosis; or must be homeless or at risk of homelessness AND HIV positive. APPLICATION: Must apply with and be approved by a case manager who then advocates for the client

Time: M-F: 8am-4:30pm

Place: 401 West Thames Street, Building 301, Norwich CT 06360

Contact: (860) 859-4500 Email: web:



Description: Transitional living and case management for families headed by mothers who are ages 18+, homeless and economically disadvantaged. Emphasis is places on an individualized family plan, skills for tenancy, and community responsibility. Support services include on site child care center and assistance with problem solving for self-sufficiency. Maximum length of stay is two years. ELIGIBILITY: Homeless, substance free for six months, mothers: Ages 18 + and their children ages 0-11 (maximum of 4 children) FEE: Sliding fee APPLICATION: Application by a referral agency

Time:M-F: 8am-4:30pm

Place: One Thames River Place, Norwich, CT 06360

Contact: (860) 887-3288/ web:



Description: The supportive housing program provides nine permanent scattered site housing units with rental certificates and supportive services, including employment services for formerly homeless families. ELIGIBILITY: Homeless families FEE: Rent is 30% of income APPLICATION: Referral from a shelter or transitional living program; self-referral if living in conditions not meant for human habitation

Time: M-F: 8am-4:30pm

Place: One Thames River Place, Norwich, CT 06361

Contact: (860) 887-3288/ web: