Over the past ten years we have made great strides for returning citizens in the state.  Our collective efforts are now more important than ever as we face unprecedented fiscal challenges.
Scott K. Wilderman
Career Resources, Inc.
President & CEO
As a result,  I can think of no other social program that produces a greater return on investment than helping a former offender find employment, connect with their child and become a tax paying and law abiding citizen.
Providing ex-offenders with information and resources available to them is essential to minimizing the many obstacles which hamper successful reintegration.  This website is
Scott Semple
Dept. of Correction
Commissioner Connecticut
an invaluable tool in the efforts to reduce recidivism, and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.
Community Partners in Action, throughout its long history, has been consistent in understanding, facilitating and promoting the importance of effective re-entry policies and practices.
Maureen Price-Boreland, JD
Community Partners in Action
Executive Director
The value of a well coordinated, resourced and executed re-entry process improves the chance for success not only for the returning citizens but contributes to a safer and more cost efficient Connecticut.
Helping previously incarcerated men and women re-integrate into their communities needs to be a priority in Connecticut. Everyone deserves a second chance – by helping these individuals
Brandon McGee
State Representative
with housing, jobs and other resources, we strengthen our communities as a whole.
“Seeing the Greater Hartford Reentry Council move from a concept to an energized room crowded with people taking action has been amazing! To see law enforcement, families, providers, reentrants,
Sherry Albert
Community Solutions Inc.

Chief Operating Officer

employers, state employees and politicians and many others sit together sharing ideas and working toward healthy change within our community benefits all citizens. It is incredibly unique, progressive and important work as we look to eliminate barriers to reentry and eliminate negative stigma following time served.”