Family Supports

Children with Incarceration Parents

Since fiscal year 2008, the Institute for Municipal & Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University has been receiving annual funding from the Connecticut General Assembly to administer competitive grants for providing positive interventions for at-risk youth whose parent(s) and/or family members have been incarcerated. The IMRP continually seeks to gain an additional understanding of these children and their service-needs through research, evaluation and outreach activities. As-such, the IMRP, in collaboration with several faculty members from the Connecticut State College & Universities system, as well as other universities and colleges, is evaluating the effectiveness of direct care services in alleviating negative responses to parental incarceration and improving the positive attributes of CIP. The mission for the CIP Initiative is to improve the quality of supports for children with incarcerated parents by using the various data and knowledge it gains to inform public policy and practice.

The CIP Initiative website houses an interactive “Children’s Page”  to provide a thoughtful online space for children to access information about parental incarceration. The adult section includes an FAQ Booklet, with answers to questions from incarcerated parents, caregivers, and children. This booklet was a collaboration between various stakeholders, including those with personal experience, the CT Department of Correction, and CIP service providers.

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State of CT Judicial Branch, Support Enforcement Services Division

SES is the largest partner in the Connecticut child support program and provides case management and child support services to over 150,000 cases and families.  Some of the general services of the child support program include:  statewide call center, process requests for review and adjustment of your case and determine if a modification of your child support order is an option; our offices have resource lobbies which contain information on our state agency and nonprofit partners; our attentive staff can listen and address your child support related concerns, perform a case assessment, and audit your account.  We can also provide you with helpful information on a number of other topics:  balance monitoring, establish paternity and support, servicing income withholdings, contempt proceedings, license suspension, securing healthcare for children, interstate/international actions, direct deposit, passport denial, and liens.

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Child Support Information For Incarcerated Parents