Reentry COVID-19 Updates

Important Updates

You may qualify for CARES Act Payments — act by Nov. 21st! Click here to learn more.

Statewide Resources

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Send Free Letters

Send free letters and photos to your incarcerated loved ones. Click here for more information.

Access to Phone

During this time of crisis when services and supports are being provided remotely, we understand that having access to a phone and minutes and texts to connect with providers, families, and friends is critical. Below is a list of communication companies are providing free minutes, phone payment assistance/waivers to their customers.

Assurance Wireless (Virgin Mobile’s version of Safelink) is giving all of their customers unlimited minutes and texts from now through 5/20 as well as 6 GB of data for free.

TracFone/Straighttalk (Walmart’s minute plan): Partnering with Safelink Wireless to enroll clients in free minutes, assistance with bill pay, waiving reactivation fees, setting clients up with data and texting packages. Can visit of contact 1800 723 3546 for details.

Verizon: Suspending late fees/re-connection fees, providing bill assistance, and extra minutes with proof of poverty, unemployment due to COVID-19. The best way to apply is online through the account.

AT&T: Providing free/reduced cost wifi/hotspots through your phone, unlimited data for all existing clients, and providing services at $10 per month for families with no income, low income, or financial strain due to COVID-19. Will extend the $10 per month plan after COVID-19 crisis. Online is the most efficient way to apply due to the high number of callers (per info on website).

Cricket: Dial 611 to enroll in any COVID-19 relief programs. Waiving re-connection fees, and all service fees on payments. Customers can use Bridge Pay to pay current bills in future months, over a longer period of time, and/or smaller payments per billing cycle. Includes minute plans. To dial 611 you must call from the Cricket issued phone. If someone else is calling for the client, the number to call is 1- 800 -274 -2538.

DOC Policy

DOC policy directive on inmate communications. Click here for more information.

Connecticut Legal Services

The Connecticut Legal Services have created a resources for providers and clients to get legal information about court access, school, work, benefits, housing, and more during the COVID-19 crisis:



The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has created a resources webpage for providers, families, and clients. It also includes information on mental health services and telehealth resources. The resources page can be accessed here..

Connecticut HUSKY Health has made the following changes in coverage, related to COVID-19:

· Suspension of timeframes for renewal of Medicaid/HUSKY Health and cash assistance benefits of current beneficiaries.


Medical or cash assistance benefits were scheduled to end in March 2020—benefits will be automatically continued through June 2020. If medical or cash assistance benefits are scheduled to end in April 2020—benefits will be automatically continued through July 2020.

· Suspension of co-payments for full benefit Medicare Part D beneficiaries who are dually eligible for Medicaid.


These beneficiaries are no longer responsible for co-payments of up to $17 per month (aggregate for all prescriptions) for their medications covered by Medicare Part D. Instead, the Department of Social Services will cover the copayment amounts in full, after any other insurer has paid, during the public health emergency.

· Suspension of co-payments in HUSKY B (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

The Department of Social Services will reimburse providers for the full reimbursement amount for services subject to the copayment, including the copayment amount. This does not apply to other forms of HUSKY B cost sharing, such as monthly premiums and co-insurance and allowances for dental services.

· Extending fills for non-maintenance and maintenance medications for up to 90 days for Medicaid/HUSKY Health beneficiaries (except for controlled substances).

· Allowing early refill for prescriptions when an individual has used 80% of the prescription (reduced from 93%)

· Telemedicine in medical and behavioral health.

HUSKY members can receive medical and behavioral health services from their health care providers by audio-only telephone or videoconferencing.

The Department of Social Services reminds the public that applications are open year-round for HUSKY Health coverage (Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program. Uninsured residents with low and moderate incomes are encouraged to:

Apply online:

Apply by phone: 1-855-805-4325

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Metro-North said it will no longer accept cash for fare payments on trains or at ticket counters. The change is intended to reduce hand-to-hand contact to stop the spread of COVID-19. The railroad said it will only accept credit and debit card payments for tickets transactions.

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020, all DMV branch offices will be closed to the public for the transaction of business until further notice — DMV will provide services online, through the mail and by phone. See list of services and daily status updates on DMV and partner locations here.

NOTICE: Department of Social Services Field Offices will be closed to the public from March 17 to March 27, 2020, as a protective measure for the safety of customers and staff. DSS will continue to provide services. Our customers can access benefit and application information, 24/7, at and; or 1-855-6-CONNECT. For more information, please visit Thank you, and please also visit for latest State of Connecticut updates.

On March 12, our phone system for filing weekly unemployment claims and performing an account status inquiry will no longer be available to allow for enhanced electronic processing. After that date, you must file a claim or check your account status at:

Federal & State Government Responses and Updates

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Service Provider Responses & Updates

Goodwill Career Centers presents ‘Let’s Get Through This Together’ Workshop to go over resources and supports available to CT residents experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, April 2nd at 1pm and Friday, April 24th at 1pm. Register a