Dream Corps JUSTICE

Description: Through our partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine’s National Covid-19 Resiliency Network, Dream Corps JUSTICE is working to ensure that justice impacted individuals and their families have access to new COVID 19 related resources to help reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on their communities. Some of these resources include: a symptom checker, COVID-19 test locator, vaccine finder, factsheets, and more. The National COVID-19 Resiliency Network provides awareness of culturally appropriate health education information and linkage to care, helping organizations and families recover from pandemic difficulties. If you are a justice impacted individual, or you have a loved one currently or formerly incarcerated, go to for more information.




Description: Health insurance application through SAGA and food stamps.

Place: 752 East Main St., Bridgeport, CT

Contact: 203-576-7680



Description: Free clinic. Delivering medicine and health care to those in need.

Place: 115 Highland Ave., Bridgeport, CT

Contact: 203-333-9175,



Description: Community outreach, health education/disease, mental health, prevention programs, and entitlement enrollment services.

Place: 968 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, CT

Contact: 203-330-6000,



Description: Outpatient health care for the entire family, pre-natal through geriatric services, and mental health.

Place: 982 East Main St., Bridgeport, CT

Contact: 203-696-3260,



DescriptionAware’s novel In-Home Addiction Treatment (IHATTM) model is based on research that shows that integrated medical and behavioral care and compassionate monitoring—in the home—promotes lasting recovery. ARC is an in-home addiction treatment (IHAT) program that provides highly intensive, rigorously monitored, 52 weeks of intensive outpatient care, in the home. Our program utilizes a wide range of evidence-based practices that provide the structure to support ongoing recovery in the client’s home and community environments. ARC works to transform the home environment into a healthy and healing place for clients and families to recovery through a variety of interventions and strategies. We support clients in creating and maintaining a comprehensive structure that is tailored to each individual by providing a variety of resources. We are 16+ in the state of CT and can provide treatment throughout the entirety of the state.

Contact: 203-631-6450